Andrea Ancira

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Le 6 avril 2016 à Villa Vassilieff de 15h30-17h30, a eu lieu la rencontre avec Andrea Ancira. 

« Métrobarbèsrochechou Art is the name of an experimental film collective constituted in 1977 by four artists: Gaël Badaud, Teo Hernández, Jakobois and Michel Nedjar. Through an intimate collaboration and common practice in Paris, each member managed to affirm and develop their own particular gaze and approach to cinema without compromising their complicity. Among other examples of contemporary collaborative artistic projects that some of the participants of the seminar will present we will examine the methodology of this collective as well as some extracts of their films in order to discuss the significance and contradictions of collaboration in contemporary art, in experimental practices and in other commoning practices of everyday life. This conversation will be part of the research project that Andrea Ancira is developing at Villa Vassilieff during her residency. »

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