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Documentation of the Temporary Autonomous VEGAN Zone

Article publié le : Mardi 26 mai 2009. Rédigé par : Nicolas Vargelis

The vegan radicals and their cupcakes came to Paris VIII and for three days created their utopia that sadly ended in a dictatorship.  The Temporary Autonomous Zone turned Nation-State has gone underground, but the following traces remain:

Photos from Day 1: « Free VEGAN cupcakes! »

Photos from Day 2: »Protect the cupcakes against individualistic acts »

Photos from Day 3: »A resistance to the aggressions against the cupcakes »

Installation set-up photos here.

documents/ communiques from the intervention here.


Day 1:

We made a pyramid of vegan cupcakes, encouraging people to freely eat the cupcakes.  The atmosphere was very open and welcoming.  However some people were aggressive and greedy, acting in individualistic manners, taking too many cupcakes.

Day 2:

To prevent people from self-centered individualistic actions, we made a wall and a bureaucratic office to administer the distribution of cupcakes. People were still encouraged to eat cupcakes, but to get a cupcakes, one needed to fill out a simple form answering in one or two words or a drawing, « veganism: define. »  All forms were validated no matter what the answer was.  One form gave the right to one cupcake.  Some people did not like this and cupcakes were stolen.

On the desk of the « office » were assorted reference books including « The sexual politics of meat » by Carol J. Adams and various vegan propaganda books in non-French languages.  Next to the desk was a TV monitor that played the movie « Querelle » by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, based on the book by Jean Genet.  We sometimes alternated « Querelle » with episodes of « Les Shadoks » by Jacques Rouxel.

Day 3.

To combat the aggressions carried out against the cupcakes from the previous day, we constructed a « chateau forteresse » to protect the cupcakes.  In order to eat a cupcake, one must make an application for a cupcake.  The application was quick and easy.  Four affirmative statements were listed and the applicant had to cross out all that does not apply.  (SVP rayer les mentions inutile)

1.  Me, I am vegan. (Moi, je suis vegan.)

2. You, you yourself ain’t vegan. (Toi, tu t’es pas vegan.)

3. Meat is still murder, dairy is still rape. (La viande est encore un meurtre, est les produits laitiers sont encore un viol.)

4. And freedom can only be achieved through the dictatorship of the vegan proletariat. (Et la liberté peut être accompli seulement par la dictature du prolétariat vegan.)

All applications were evaluated and judged individually.  However the protocols of judgement would change suddenly and without warning.  So it was often the case that with two identical applications, one would be validated and the other would be submitted for re-education.  A validated application would receive one, two, three or sometimes even four cupcakes.  A rejected application submitted for re-education would receive a biscuit with vegan pate.  If the applicant ate the paté, then after they had the right to a cupcake.

The design of our fortification focused on vertical lines, as a reference to fascist architecture.  In the structure was incorporated a TV monitor that showed various short films from Alice Guy (1897 to 1906).

On this third day, we were confronted by students from the « Sud Etudiant » union.  They said we were authoritarian and so they decided to steal a case of cupcakes!

Nicolas Vargelis