Allan Kaprow. Pose. Re-enactment. Street Happening.

Une belle vidéo (à cause de la lumière de L.A.) d’un re-enactment de la pièce d’Allan Kaprow de 1969, Pose: «Place a chair. Sit in it. Take a picture. Leave the picture.» (un polaroïd).
«In conjunction with The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles’ presentation of the exhibition Allan Kaprow-Art as Life, MCASD worked with a group of local students and young artists to present the reinvention of two 1969 Kaprow Happenings-Pose and Giveaway. Video by Nathan Gulick. Music by Brael. 2008.
Référence: Allan Kaprow, «18 Happenings in 6 Parts», 1959
descriptif sur le site (précieux) Media Art Net.