La Galerie Légitime proposition de bars

Pour faire le Re-enactment de la Galerie Légitime, il faut passer dans plusieurs bars à Paris.  Pour ce parcours, je propose les suivants:

Le Zorba 

137, Rue Fbg du Temple, belleville, 01 42 39 68 68

OPENS AT 5h00!  (closed from 2h00 to 5hoo)

When I passed by during the daytime, it was very much a proletariat, working class, immigrant, neighborhood bar, and in the evening its the same with some artists and the occasional BoBo.

« A bit of le vrai Belleville here, the Zorba—right off the intersection of the 10th, 11th, 19th, and 20th—is the all-day drinking den for every local type: old blue-collar French, crunchy young artists, bearded bobos, slumming yupsters and middle-aged Moroccans. Defiantly dirty, dressed in red and orange neon, zinc wiped with a sour rag.


Bar International (a.k.a. Le 10)

10 rue de l’Odéon, 75006,, Luxembourg/Odéon, open sunday afternoons

Lots of sutdents, amazing vaulted cave downstairs with supurb atmosphere.  If we go, we should call ahead, because the cave is only open later at night and if we are many people it would be nice to go down into the cave.

Chez Jeannette

47 rue du Fbg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris,; opens at 9h00 on Sundays

not as mixed as Zorba, more BoBos, but still very nice.

Polit Buro

25 Rue Roi de Sicile; le marais; not open before 16h on Sunday!

(Nice indie rock/ electro clash and very trashy bar in the marais, free of tourists and fashionistas and reminiscient of a Berlin squat bar in the 1990′s)


Le Pick-Clops

16, rue Vielle Du Temple, 75004, Metro: Hôtel de Ville, 01 40 29 02 18

An alternative to Polit Buro, just across the street from Polit Buro, this bar opens at 8h00 in the morning and is more expensive, more BoBo, but open in the morning….  also its very BoBo gai-lesbienne (et vegan!).





bars on rue coquillère closed on Sunday!

rue coquillière; les halles

and also « Art Brut » bar next to Beaubourg opens at 16h…. or later?  (lots of artists and intellectuals plus the usual roundup of BoBos and hipsters.)

78, Rue Quincampoix
75003 Paris, France
+33 1 42 72 17 36

Nicolas Vargelis