11 March–25 April 2009. «Liminal: A Question of Position»

Liminal: A Question of Position Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts)
Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA
Iniva presents the first interactive digital exhibition at Rivington Place.
11 March – 25 April 2009

«Using digital media to explore how we position ourselves physically and culturally. Over 20 artists will come together to investigate what it means to live in a city – the urban hub where culture, society and beliefs collide.»

is concerned with interactions between the city, new media, technologies and cultural diversity. Information architectures share similarities with the architectures of cities, of institutions and bureaucracies and of the corporation and the state. How might the architectures of information be implicated in the power relations of communities? The visual capacities of new media provide the potential to platform a range of voices although this involves the cross-cultural negotiation and the forging of new forms of identities.
provides an opportunity to explore questions of boundary through the ‘body’ of Rivington Place. Its architect, David Adjaye, suggests that the spaces within the building should exist in a non-hierarchical relationship with each other. Liminal also engages with the street and the wider public sphere as a continuum with the building.
In many instances the traditional positions for the viewer or audience of the art installation are eroded as their very presence or participation directly contributes to how it is received, not just in that instance but also how the work continues to evolve over the course of the exhibition’s duration. They are in effect quite literally experiencing and authoring the art work at the same time. Furthermore this can happen intentionally or involuntarily. This kind of interaction is not the sole preserve of digital media but it does afford the viewer the unique position of actively participating in the production of meaning that can be directly experienced and distributed.
At the heart of Liminal is the siting of production within Rivington Place, which is led by Iniva’s youth advisory board (the INIvators) in collaboration with artists, students from London Metropolitan University and visitors. This work will be shown alongside other work, disrupting the conventional power relations of production usually associated with visual arts practice.
The works shown in Liminal explore questions in relation to the city that arise from the visual arts practice of the contributing artists. The talks, presentations, performances and workshops in the public programme extend this dialogue and offer the opportunity for input by other artists, other professionals and all individuals who wish to engage in this exploration of the urban experience.»

Rivington Place will be transformed into a contemporary urban playground inviting visitors to position themselves in relation to migration and dislocation, both physically and culturally. Over 20 artists will come together to investigate, through digital media, what it means to live in a city – the urban hub where culture, society and beliefs collide.

The works include:
•Phillippe Chollet & Che-Guevara John, Frictions of Distance – a time and space defying installation allowing people in London and Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to simultaneously walk in each others footsteps.
•Disinformation and Usurp, London Underground – a kinetic work inspired by recordings of magnetic field interference on rapid transport systems.
•Luke Hastilow, Elaine Thomazi-Freitas and Alexander Wendt, [wɔ:l bɔ:l] – A playful interactive wall installation that incorporates the quest for cultural identity and position.
•Roshini Kempadoo, Ghosting – a game playing device that reflects on the interconnections between cultures, past and present.
•Rob Rainbow & Patrick Rhoden, Total Station – a proximity detecting installation where Rivington Place becomes an optical instrument through which the wider city can be seen.
•Olivier Ruellet, Ferro Scape – an experimental video and animation piece focusing on urban travel, architecture in motion and displacement.
•The INIvators with Larry Achiampong and Chris Lane, Step into our World- a projection of re-configured imagery collected from a multitude of sources exploring the ephemeral nature of the image in contemporary society.

Rivington Place London EC2A 3BA
Nearest tube: Old Street/ Liverpool Street